Make your class as calm as a Zen garden

Wabisabi takes the complexity out of planning, assessing, and reporting. It makes where you are at with the curriculum and where you need to go next crystal clear so you can focus on what matters—your learners.

Powerful portfolios and cool classrooms

Virtual classrooms to call a home, and portfolios of learning that you and your students can be proud of.

A Showcase of Creativity

See how creative learning can be with portfolios as unique as your learners are. Use audio, video, images, and more to build media-rich student portfolios that are exciting displays of learning evidence.

Connect and Collaborate in Real Time

Succeed and grow collaboratively with features to bring the team together. Build classroom communities with real-time teacher and peer feedback, and inspire each other to succeed.

Look Back and Look Forward Together

Create classrooms and student profiles for aligning tasks and giving real-time feedback. Capture the story of your learners’ progress for meaningful reflection and celebration, then create the next steps together.

Share the journey and the excitement

Learning is a voyage of growth and discovery—and teachers, students, and parents get to enjoy the ride side by side.

We’re All In This Together

With family access and notifications, everyone stays informed and experiences the learning progress. Learners can view and submit feedback and comments in real time, and connected parents can see their child’s daily activities.

A Featured Learning Celebration

Display students’ accomplishments on a personalized public class page. Teachers select what content to share with their professional learning network connections to ensure privacy while celebrating learning.

Social Sharing (coming)

Keep your professional network up to date on your amazing classroom adventures with Twitter and Facebook features that are coming soon. Share your best work and inspire colleagues and other connections with your learners’ greatness.

A global educator community that cares

Connect to any class anywhere in the world to learn together and learn about each other.

Share Success Far and Wide

Global Class Connections let you interact with classrooms across the world and experience truly global learning. Collaborate in real-time with fellow teachers and learners in other regions and make learning even better.

We’ve Got Plans for You

Access thousands of unit plans from educators around the globe and from our team of experts. Be inspired by what our worldwide learning community has created and forge bold new learning pathways for your own learners.

Resources That Make a Difference

Top-quality teacher guides, books, posters, infographics, and much more. Guide your practice and cultivate your craft with an ever-growing list of resources aligned to Future-Focused Learning.

Restore balance and energize the school day with Wabisabi

Wabisabi is free, forever. You can always upgrade to Premium for more features.

Created by a small team of amazing people around the world committed to  transforming learning and creating a bright future.